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A customer-centered and results-oriented Sales Executive with sales, marketing, and warehousing for a combined 27 years of experience. Works well with Team members to attain its objectives directed by the company. Trains and coaches associate for a continued improvement in its capabilities. Keen insight into the needs and views of others (able to listen and identify issues or problems and form innovative solutions)



  • 2021 - Present

    Distribution and Sales Manager

    • Able to improve the whole system by actively involving every department in going through the whole process of subscribers’ applications until installed from SO creation, Validation, Credit Review & Verification, to Dispatch/Installation.
    • Able to provide the needed information of Sales Teams (Team Leaders and its Sales Agents) before field activities including establishing an advance party of Sales Agents before the arrival of the install teams.
    • Able to inculcate every sales personnel to make available every customer’s concerns as an integral part of the After-Sales Concept resulting in more referrals.
    • Able to build team spirit and morale-boosting by actively seeking and sharing innovative ideas to improve sales through weekly meetings and occasional visits in the field.
    • Achieved 103% versus 2021 2nd Semester New Installs Revenue Target.
    • Achieved 116% versus 2021 2nd Semester New Installs Volume Target.
    • Achieved 112.5% in the completion of Field Sales Agent headcount.
    • Able to handle from one Channel (Field Sales) to three Channels (Field Sales, Tele Sales, and Account Officers) in just four months of my tenure.
    • Able to submit ahead of time the needed reports to Management on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    • Every department were being asked and provided suggested solutions to form one common and agreed solution for every issue sometimes in a gradual manner by observing the effect/impact of the agreed solution.

  • 2021 - 2021

    Operations Manager

    • Responsible for planning, hiring personnel (Sales, Sales administration & information, and Warehouse operations), and setting direction in attaining specific objectives.
    • Assists with budget management to ensure expenses meet target goals.
    • Oversees workflow of all business operations including preparation of reports, charts, and analysis through data management and other statistics to support and direct the sales department.
    • Monitor, assist and review actual performance daily, weekly, and monthly as to sales and warehouse operations
    • Monitor and evaluate all-out surveys of stores and end-users in the designing and implementation of cost-efficient routing and its opportunities in the area.
    • Develops and implements promotional activities and interacts with dealers and end-users to increase sales volume.
    • Ensure compliance with all policies and procedures through regular store visits, meetings, audits, and others.
    • Build team spirit and morale by actively seeking and sharing innovative ideas to improve sales.
    • Conduct weekly and monthly operations update to the owners.

  • 2021 - 2021

    Territory Business Manager

    • Responsible for generating and cultivating an increasingly loyal customer base for Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation through active selling and establishing relationships with the distributors and dealers.
    • Responsible for determining market potential at the territory level through conducting dealer and end-user market reading and profiling prospective customers.
    • Responsible for ensuring maintenance of credit terms within acceptable corporate standards.
    • Responsible for implementing innovative business solutions of Animal Production Specialist in engaging our dealers as to what SKUs to sell in.
    • Responsible for gathering, providing feedback, and monitoring intervention on customer concerns about products and services
    • Responsible for verifying all critical information necessary to determine the worthiness of a prospective customer before endorsement
    • Responsible for planning and executing the territory KRAs to grow the business in an assigned territory
    • Responsible for monitoring the services of the third-party manpower service providers in the technical sales in an assigned territory

  • 2019 - 2020

    DTH Corporate Sales Manager - Visayas

    • Develop area-wide presence for SKY via a DTH service, putting the company at an equal playing field vs. competition by penetrating the hospitality and leisure industries in the districts wherein cabling infrastructure is not available.
    • Establish accredited Distributors to be positioned strategically in Visayas areas with proper training.
    • Ensure that SKY Direct & their package products must be by clients/account profiles.
    • Coordinate with the Marketing group in the aggressive acquisition program from auxiliary contractors from a new build and switcher accounts, and the digital efforts program through Distributor Marketing Campaign in Social Media engagement
    • Ensure that a 30-45 days fulfillment commitment upon completion of requirements including the required documents, SO creation, materials delivery to installation up to customer signing as proof of acceptance.
    • Ensure that installation/activation is in adherence to Corporate Standards.
    • Ensure that a timely payment to Distributor after the billing of the scope of works has been completed/submitted.
    • Closely monitor the customers’ problems until they have been addressed/repaired to ensure service satisfaction.
    • Conduct Weekly/Monthly Sales Performance Review to Top Management for quality analysis and appropriate recommendations in the achievement of sales targets.

  • 2018 - 2019
    Rombren Twins Commercial (URC-AIG Distributorship)

    Sales Manager

    • Able to get 2 of the largest gamefowl farms in Malitbog wherein I was made as a consultant and marketer of their fighting cocks, pullets, and one-month-old chicks
    • Able to attract more customers by attending an immediate action by treating diseases and isolating birds infected with Colds and/or coughs. I also isolate/cull gamebirds with Fowl Pox, New Castle Disease, and others. Strict sanitation/vaccination must be observed.
    • First to display fighting cocks and pullets in front of our Agrivet wherein some of our customers were able to display their game birds as well. We were able to display our brooders and showcase to the buying public how healthy our chicks are through proper management.
    • Able to help our end-users to sell their piglets and pigs through posting in front of our store.

  • 2017 - 2018
    Inter-Continental Food and Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

    Dealer Sales Manager

    • Able to put up strategic dealers and non-routing wholesalers making our products available in the trade with 5 dealers, 8 non-routing wholesalers, and 8 key accounts in Cebu province; 9 dealers and 5 local key accounts in Leyte/Samar provinces
    • Able to convince the top management to have a unique business model in key cities in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, and Mandaue which is direct routing from a four-wheel unit to some motorcycle units for saturation activities
    • Conducted massive sampling/selling activities to at least four consecutive days to have a consistent brand recall for every store/area activated
    • Able to penetrate 5 canteens in Tsuneishi Industries in Balamban, Cebu.
    • Able to function considerably as Sales and Marketing Executive AND as a Warehouse Supervisor
    • Able to present our products to a larger audience such as the Helping Hands Organization of Persons with Disability and radio interviews (DYRC in Cebu City and Radyo Natin in Sogod So. Leyte)

  • 2016 - 2017
    Rombren Twins Commercial (URC-AIG Distributorship)

    Sales Executive

    • Developed and executed marketing programs (Referral Raisers program, Boar Partner program, Strike force) and general business solutions resulting in increased company exposure, customer traffic, and sales volume of 103% versus the prior year
    • Able to opened 16 dealers coming from a single dealer in the two municipalities with more than 150 raisers recruited in collaboration with the District Technician and the Sales and Marketing Team for the first six month operations.
    • Conducted series of contained seminars discussing Hog Raising Modules as part of the marketing recruitment program
    • Spearheaded in the formation of the local breeders and cockers’ association in Malitbog Southern Leyte

  • 2015 - 2016
    Universal Robina Corporation – Agro Industrial Group

    Trade Marketing Manager (Visayas/Mindanao Area)

    • Able to provide the needed Marketing materials proportionately to four (4) districts in Vismin Area
    • Programs implemented to Dealers and end-users were generally felt and executed properly due to its collaborative efforts with the District Sales Managers (DSMs) and District Sales Coordinators (DSCs) whose positive sales achievement versus prior year for VisMin is 2nd among of the four (4) region areas
    • Promoted the business through participation in and sponsorship of game fowl expos and its various organizations, municipal hog/game fowl seminars
    • Organized special events such as game fowl expos and municipal hog/game fowl seminars

  • 2012 - 2015
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Field Sales Manager

    • 1st in the achievement of Sell-in Volume for Leyte 2 Area and 2nd amongst 13 Districts of Eastern Visayas Region with 98.5% vs Business Plan Year to Date & 115.4% vs Prior Year (2013) YTD
    • 3rd in the achievement of Right Execution Daily (RED) for Eastern Visayas Region with 91.4% actual result and 114.2% vs Target for year-end of 2014
    • Achieved +3.4% versus Prior Year (2011) Sales-to-Trade (STT) volume
    • Hit the Year End (2012) Right Execution Daily (RED) target of 80% as to Total RED by +5.3%; Availability by +7.4%; SRP Compliance by +15.6%; Cooler Compliance by +7%; Activation by +5.4%
    • Trained/Mentored front liners wherein one of them was promoted to FSM and the other two were lined up for higher positions
    • Magnified the capabilities of my direct reports specifically on their daily routines through using the scorecard, core form and discuss immediately what had happened after activities through In-Field Coaching (IFC)
    • Influenced Business Partners to use the tracking/monitoring forms in hitting STT and RED not as additional work to them but as additional tools in their day to day operation

  • 2010 - 2012
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    District Team Leader

    • Assigned in a highly critical market area wherein under my helm in the cities of Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue were being showcased as visit areas
    • Earned the highest commission/incentive in the whole Cebu and Leyte areas by surpassing versus target on focus SKUs
    • Influenced Business Partners and its Sales Personnel to strictly follow the Scheduled Call List (SCL) for a better and consistent distribution specifically service frequency AND the issuance of Sales Invoices up to the last case/bottle to avoid shortage in the route and the warehouse
    • Achieved Sales Volume Performance (Period 3 2011) of 100.8% versus Internal Target & Delivered Per Category Targets in Core at 117.0% and Local at 142.0%
    • Achieved Sales Volume Performance (Period 5 2011) of 110.7% versus Internal Target & Delivered Per Category Targets in Core at 127.9% and Stills at 116.8%
    • Achieved Sales Volume Performance (Period 6 2011) of 109.1% versus Internal Target & Delivered Per Category Targets in Core at 123.3%, Any Energy at 160.6%, Any EOC Powder at 109.9%, Any RTD Juice at 206.1% and RTD Tea at 164.8%

  • 2007 - 2009
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Key Account Executive

    • Achieved 122.5% versus Quarter 1 2010 Sales Volume Performance
    • First to execute the Cross Merchandising Activity in a Supermarket in the whole Visayas area
    • One of my supermarkets was being showcased as a model supermarket having surpassed the required five hot spot display areas including the cross-merchandising activities in the snack, rice, and meat sections
    • Created simple monitoring in reconciling the Customers’ Accounts Receivables which was embraced by the Visayas Account Executives
    • Tasked and delivered the Annual Business Plan Monitoring Report to Coca-Cola Export
    • Tasked and delivered the Weekly Performance and Progress Report Template which was adopted by my fellow Account Executives
    • Trained fellow Account Executives as to Advance Excel execution such as Pivoting, VLOOKUP commands, and PowerPoint Presentation enhancement for a timely generation of various data for business review reporting

  • 2005 - 2007
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Trade Promotion and Marketing Head

    • Able to provide analysis on the effectiveness & efficiencies of promotion and merchandising activities done through closure reports and actual field verification to the region management
    • Collaborated with the Third Party Merchandising Team in the execution/installation of merchandising materials in the trade
    • Created a profitable promotional discount/support by looking at the breakeven volume, payback period, and the return of investment
    • Able to display our products and its merchandising materials next to our core brands in the whole San Miguel Corporation subsidiaries for better brand name recall to consumers

  • 2003 - 2005
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Sales Information Head

    • Managed annual sales planning process
    • Set market share and generated volume targets per territory, per SKU
    • Conducted weekly and monthly rolling forecasts in coordination with Logistics on-demand planning.
    • Analyzed survey results and relate to area performance and strategic plans and ensure dissemination of analysis in viewing the actual picture of the market to territories and districts
    • Conducted market visits and come out with reports and recommendations
    • Guided Sales Information Analysts to determine the accuracy of data inputs from Sales and Dealers
    • Coordinated with the Trade, Promotion, and Merchandising Head in evaluating promotions and merchandising impact
    • Coordinated with other functional units in monitoring key performance indicators (Accounts Receivables, Cooler productivity, stocks situation, etc.)

  • 2001 - 2003
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Sales Information Analyst

    • Conducted monthly sales planning (volume per district/dealer) and direct route aligned with area targets and initiatives
    • Provided Territory analysis on; **Current and historical trade parameters trends. **Channel, package & brand mix. **Current dealer inventories and days’ level. **Available supply (supportable volume) for use as a basis in providing rolling forecast requirements
    • Conducted Research, Sales Monitoring & Tracking

  • 1995 - 2001
    Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines Incorporated

    Sales Office in Charge

    • Conducted daily inventory on stocks (fulls and empties) and ensure stocks matched versus per book records
    • Constantly checked and monitored the incoming/outgoing shipments from/to the plant
    • Supervised casual personnel in the warehouse operations as to loading/unloading of stocks & cleanliness
    • Coached and reprimanded for erring casual personnel and provide recognition for those casuals who perform superbly


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