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Seeking a responsible post with an opportunity for a professional challenge in the field of Food Technology and growth avenues to support and enhance co-operative objectives of the Organization.


A total of 9.3 years of diverse work experience (R&D Sector) in the field of food technology including domains like Spices, Dairy, and various other research projects.



  • 2020 - 2021
    Jeyanti Herbs and Spices

    Assistant Manager NPD

    • Was majorly involved in decoding of seasonings (only international products)
    • Have decoded (benchmarked) about 54 products and reworked nearly about 30 products during my tenure
    • Have worked for top clients such as Walmart, Saran enterprises, Loblaw, IFF, Everest, ALDI USA, ALDI UK, Coles, Stonemill, etc.,
    • Having high-level skill in decoding any seasoning benchmark samples that will be of interest to the company for commercialization
    • Making decisions based on sensory for all products that I develop
    • Improvising of existing blends done regularly

  • 2019 - 2020
    Cavinkare Pvt Ltd

    Executive Scientist

    • Was involved in formulating and maintaining RUCHI under the pickles category
    • All variants of RUCHI pickles were overlooked
    • Also involved in the development of RUCHI Samosa Chutney, Banana flower pickle, Stuffed green and red chilli pickles, fiber-rich oats and north Indian pickles
    • Creation of NFP and Ingredient list for all RUCHI variants by both tested and calculated methods
    • Standardized factory production of chutney variants like Tomato Onion, Tomato Garlic, Schezwan, and Mint Coriander
    • Shelf life studies for all variants of RUCHI
    • Sensory and panel creation – for various centers
    • Cost effective product development

  • 2017 - 2019
    ABT Foods Pvt Ltd

    Senior Executive NPD

    • Responsible for researching and developing new production processes and making modifications to existing manufacturing systems to improve overall efficiency and profitability.

    • Planning, organizing and overseeing process or production trials and making improvements or modifications to current processes

    • Formulating new production processes or stages within processes

    • Generating ideas for new products and researching feasibility in terms of profitability, resource availability and compliance with regulations.

    • Recording and analyzing data
    • Presenting results to colleagues
    • Investigating and testing new equipment

    • Liaising with engineering, research, technical and/or production staff o Supervising junior staff including technicians
    • Writing and reading technical papers, reports, reviews and specifications and keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical development.

    • Extensive knowledge in the concepts of Dairy Technology.
    • Biriyani ghee, Flavored ghee, Functional yoghurt, Spiced paneer, Paneer using different coagulants, Tea shop milk, Dairy Creamers, Flavored milk, Partially based snacks, Utilization of paneer whey for creating new products
    • Carbonation of milk and milk based products.
    • Granulation improvement in ghee
    • Minimally processed Tender coconut
    • Have Hands – on experience with ROBOQBO Q-40 (Universal Food Processor)
    • RO membrane processing for paneer whey and skim milk
    • Demineralization using Electro Dialysis method
    • Also served as a Coordinator for ISO 22000:2005 for ABT Industries

  • 2014 - 2016
    Aachi Masala Foods Pvt Ltd

    Senior Executive NPD

    • Developing formulations for (Chili, Coriander, Asafoetida, Turmeric)

    • Created formulations for Pure Chili powder, Kashmiri Chili powder and Kulambu Chili powder.
    • Creating chili powder formulations for all the new Masala products and also for existing Masalas.
     Includes selection of chili varieties and cost.
     Making formulations based on pungency and color values.
     Conducting sensory for blends at lab level(which includes competitors as well) and based on the approval from the management the trials will be escalated to pilot scale.
     Fixing of chilli blends based on the type of masala.
     After the pilot trial, and based on the market feedback the blend will be fixed for the masala.
     Improvement or alteration in process flow will be made if necessary.
     SOPs will be created for the process that has been standardized.
     Specifications for the blend will also be made.

    • Creating and Implementing of SOP’s for all whole and blended spices.
    • System development from RM to FG.

    • Creating of standards and specifications for all RM.

    • Process Implementation for Asafetida and Turmeric processing units with an Innovative approach.

    • Creating special chili powder blends based on customer requirements.

    • Coordination with the purchase department for RM procurement.
    • Have experience on the procurement of chili for more than 3000 tons at Byadagi (Karnataka), Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) and Warangal.

  • 2012 - 2014
    Indian Institute of Food Processing Technology (Formerly IICPT)

    Senior Research Fellow

    PROJECT 1: Ensuring food security – Harnessing science to protect our grain from insect threats.
    Conducted survey for the Indo – Australia DST funded international level project for three states namely,

    • Assam (Guwahati)
    • Chhattisgarh (Raipur, Durg)
    • West Bengal (Kolkata, Karagpur, CK road, Bishnupur, Burdwan I, II)
    • All the FCI and CWC go downs were visited during the survey and samples were collected
    from the same.

    PROJECT 2: Trial milling of paddy for the fixation of Out Turn Ratio

    Conducted trial milling for the FCI funded project to IICPT, a national level project on improving the yield of rice production in India. The project involved conducting trial milling in selected rice mills, mostly all the states in India. The states of which I was involved in trail milling were,

    • Bihar (Bhagalpur, Mothihari)
    • Chhattisgarh (Raipur, Bilaspur, Dhamtari, Durg) o West Bengal
    This product was mainly conducted to fix the Out Turn Ratio (OTR) for rice production in India.

    PROJECT 3: Thermal disinfestations technique for safe storage of Pigeon pea.

    PROJECT 4: Development of Rice Bran Cookies.




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