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I am a contact Center Manager who manages daily customer service operations of a 24-hour Contact Center dealing with multi communication channels in the most successful customer service-oriented government organization in the state of Qatar. I have been involved in this operation since mid of 2015. I am directly responsible for ensuring my team meets or exceeds all Contact Center KPIs, including AHT, ASA, AWT, and all quality measurements. I am also directly involved with the hiring and retention of all agents, daily operations reporting, and designing and implementation of flowcharts, policies, and processes. Assumes all management responsibilities during the absence of the project manager. My career objective is to constantly grow, develop, learn, overcome unique challenges, go the extra mile and apply my skills to build a promising career and support the development of the company which gives premium quality, innovation, critical thinking, and commitment to good business.



  • 2017 - Present
    Public Works Authority (PWA)Ashghal Qatar

    Contact Center Supervisor / Call Center Manager

    Having been promoted to Contact Center supervisor/manager with PWA Ashghal Qatar from October 2017 until now I became a professional and highly skilled Call center manager and I achieved a lot of goals and new strategies on many levels which interfere directly with the success of Ashghal Contact center and leading the team to be one of the best high standard customer service providers in the state of Qatar. Below are a few of my achievements and accomplishments with most of my responsibilities:

    • I’m directly engaged with the process of hiring, training, coaching, and leading call center representatives as they provide support for
    • I always make sure I’m available to answer representative’s questions, guiding them through difficult calls or issues, diffusing angry customers, or handling issues that cannot be fielded by representatives
    • I weekly run team meetings, asking questions to better understand the calls representatives are receiving, educating, and coaching workers regarding processes and practices, and explaining expectations to
    • I establish ways of assisting other management team members in identifying trends and establishing a call center
    • My daily priority is ensuring staff members are achieving desired service levels and taking corrective action, as
    • I do monthly reports and analyzing call center data to improve processes, ensure resources are properly allocated, and maximize efficiency and customer
    • I always accomplish tasks or projects to support employees, other managers, and call center
    • I do Daily monitoring to Agents ACW and ASA and make sure it is up to the agreed average with the client
    • I am responsible for providing daily direction and communication to employees so that calls and social media interactions are handled in a timely and efficient
    • I managed to suggest methods to guarantee efficiency and high customer service standards for both internal and external customers.
    • I am responsible to provide statistical and performance feedback and coaching regularly to each team
    • As a Team leader I always run a monthly team meeting and one to one meeting to ensure that my team is always up to date and ready for improvement
    • I always make sure I am there whenever needed to assist employees who experience work and/or personal problems providing appropriate coaching, counseling, direction, and
    • I coordinate with the training department to ensure that my employees have appropriate training and other resources to perform their jobs efficiently.
    • Creates and maintains a high-quality work environment so team members are motivated to perform at their highest level.
    • I am responsible for repairing KIP and monthly PIP for all team members and setting the next month’s plan/ targets
    • Makes effective decisions related to corrective action with team members as
    • Assists the manager with the daily operation of the call center to include the development, analysis, and implementation of staffing, training, scheduling, and reward/recognition
    • Works as a member/leader of important projects
    • I do share a continual responsibility for deciding how to manage the employee’s headcounts; ensuring calls are handled efficiently and eff
    • I work with the Project manager to establish work procedures and processes that support the company and departmental standards to guarantee clients satisfaction and ensure business continuity

  • 2015 - 2017
    PWA Ashghal Qatar

    Contact Center and Social Media Representative

    This new experience with PWA Qatar as a contact center and social media agent was the beginning for me to understand what a contact center means and to upgrade my career to be a part of the best contact center and customer service standard practitioner organization in Qatar ( PWA )
    Below is my duties and responsibilities in that position:
    • Manage large amounts of inbound and outbound calls promptly
    • Follow communication “scripts” when handling different topics
    • Identify customers’ needs, clarify information, research every issue, and provide solutions and/or alternatives
    • Coordinate with other governmental entities if needed
    • Build sustainable relationships and engage customers by taking the extra mile
    • Handling public complaints, inquiries, and suggestions from different social media channels like (radio program, newspapers, CS email, official Twitter account of Ashghal, etc.…)
    • Interact with the public by answering inquiries and complaints on social media platforms
    • Frequently attend meetings and training to improve knowledge and performance level

  • 2012 - 2015
    Vodafone Qatar

    Senior Sales and Customer Service Advisor

    My experience with Vodafone Qatar as a senior Sales Advisor allowed me to acquire the best of customer service and sales practice as well as enhanced my skills. In this role, I was responsible for the below tasks

    • Manage the store operation
    • Supervise the performance of the agents
    • Generate productivity reports
    • Monitor movement of stocks
    • Manage logistics of all stocks incoming/outgoing/transfer/accepting
    • Proper liquidation of expenses
    • Handle escalation/follow-ups
    • Generate reports daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly
    • Performance review of the agents
    • Credit/Debit and adjustments, review/approval
    • Daily closing and reconciliation
    • Consolidation of all transactions daily
    • End of day reports
    • Coaching log for agents’ performance
    • Conducts daily team briefings


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